Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What heights of golfers will the PRO-HEAD® 2 Trainer (PH2T) accommodate?

The PRO-HEAD® 2 Trainer is self adjustable for golfers (and youngsters) that are 4′ tall to golfers who are as tall as 7 feet.  The arm can also adjust to hip height (as low as 2′) to serve as a fix for body sway.  See the video for this fix.


2.  Must a ball be used with the PRO-HEAD® Trainer?

It is not necessary to use a ball with the PRO-HEAD® Trainer. To use a real ball, a net must also be used to catch the ball or a 300 yard back yard or driving range is needed. Plastic Wiffle balls or birdie balls can also be used with or without a net. A backyard of at least 100 feet is necessary, as waffle and birdie balls can travel that far.  You can buy the stand alone net  from our store.


3.  How can the PRO-HEAD® 2 Trainer be used without a ball?

To gain a consistent and accurate swing, the golfer must develop the required motor (muscle) memory. It is highly recommended that you use the PRO-HEAD® Trainer as an exercise/swing trainer. Simply take any club, position yourself with the height adjuster set for your height in the PH2T, and take your normal swing. Take 15 to 25 swings, rest for a few minutes and repeat the exercise. Do this as often as you wish and as many days a week as you have the time.

You can also swing without a club, if your ceiling is not high enough for a full swing with a club.

Your new swing will soon become an unconscious effort. Your brain will have memorized the correct movements for a steady head.  Now you will have the swing you need to take to the golf course.


4.  What is the overall size and weight of the PH2T?

The PH2T is 54 inches high with a base that is 24 inches by 16 inches. The arm is 48 inches long.  The PH2T weighs only 15 pounds without water or without a sand bag.  Filling the base with water adds another 30 pounds.  The sand bag should also be filled with about 30 pounds of sand.


5. How much space is required to use PRO-HEAD® 2 Trainer (PH2T)?

From front to back, with the foam wall resting on your forehead, a space of about 9 feet is required to allow for a full swing with a driver. A ceiling height of 10 feet is required if a driver is used. Because the PH2T is made of weather resistant materials, it can be set up and left in place outdoors. It can also be set up and used in a garage with a sufficiently high ceiling and floor space.  When not in use, the 48 inch arm of the PH2T will hang down in a vertical position.  The base size for storage is 24 inches by 16 inches.  A PRO-HEAD 2 Tree/Wall Mount Unit is also offered.  See it with this link.


6. Can I use PH2T at a driving range?

Some driving ranges may have a PH2T available for use. If not, you can knock down the PH2T into 2 pieces by simply depressing the button in the vertical pole and transport it easily in your car. The unit fits comfortably in the back seat of a compact sedan for easy transport.  It easily reassembles by fitting the 2 piece pole together and depressing the button.  You may want to ask permission of the range management to allow you to use the PRO-HEAD® Trainer on their property. If they allow it, be prepared to answer many questions as you will attract other curious golfers.


7.  Can I use the PH2T without a sand bag?

You can but only if you have another way to add weight to the top of the base.  The base can be filled with water or with sand.  Or you can place some barbell weights or a large bucket of golf balls on top of the base.


8.  What if I am not satisfied with the PH2T?

Forever Better Golf, Inc. is dedicated to helping golfers improve their swing and lower their scores. If, after trying your PH2T for 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Call us for return information.


9.  What is the difference between the original PRO-HEAD Trainer and the PH2T?

The PH2T is much smaller.  The vertical pole is only 54 inches high whereas the pole height of the original model was 78 inches high.  The base is also smaller; 24 inches long versus 36 inches long.  No tools are needed to knock down the PH2T for transport or storage. or to rebuild the unit after knockdown.  All joints are compression button joints and not bolts and nuts as with the original model.

The foam wall attachment rotates 90 degrees so that it can be used in a vertical as well as in a horizontal position.  The original model did NOT have this feature.

The height adjustment allows the foam wall attachment to be used at hip level to fix body sway.


10.  What is the hat attachment used for?

The Hat Attachment is recommended for practicing putting and chipping and possibly pitching.  The Hat Attachment holds the golfer’s head very steady and restricts head movement.  Good golfers can usually keep a very steady head when putting and chipping.  By using the Hat Attachment, the golfer can focus on her/his putting and pitching strokes and let the Hat Attachment hold the head steady.  The Hat Attachment is NOT recommended when taking full swings as with a driver or long irons because it restricts head movement particularly during release and follow through.


11.  How big a vehicle do I need to transport the PH2T?

Our VP Engineering has a compact sedan and the knocked down PH2T fits easily on the back seat.


12.   What if I need a replacement part?

If you ever should need a replacement part, simply tell us the name of the part or send a photo of the part and we will replace it at no charge to you.


13.  What instructor or facility near me teaches with the PH2T?

Many of the Golftec facilities use the PH2T as do many Pros/Instructors at driving ranges or golf teaching facilities.  Please call us for a facility or Instructor near you.