Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of the PRO-HEAD® Trainer?

The PRO-HEAD® trainer will help you develop and accelerate the muscle memory required for you to attain two very important aspects of the golf swing: maintaining your spine angle and keeping your head back and behind the ball through impact. Once attained, you will:
 See the ball at impact.
 Gain a full shoulder turn.
 Develop a full follow through.
 Possibly add 20 to 50 yards to your drives.
 Keep the ball in play more often.
 Reduce; perhaps even eliminate your slice or hook.
 Eliminate topped shots, fat and thin shots, shanks and whiffs.

2. I am left handed. Can I use the PRO-HEAD® Trainer?

Yes. PRO-HEAD® can be used by both left and right handed players.

3. What heights of golfers will PRO-HEAD® accommodate?

The PRO-HEAD® Trainer is self adjustable for golfers (and youngsters) that are 4′-6′ tall to golfers who are as tall as 7 feet.

4. Must a ball be used with the PRO-HEAD® Trainer?

It is not necessary to use a ball with PRO-HEAD®. To use a real ball, a net must also be used to catch the ball or a 300 yard back yard or driving range is needed. Plastic Wiffle balls or BirdieBalls can also be used with or without a net. A backyard of at least 100 feet is necessary, as waffle and birdie balls can travel that far.

5. How can the PRO-HEAD® Trainer be used without a ball?

To gain a consistent and accurate swing, the golfer must develop the required muscle memory. It is highly recommended that you use PRO-HEAD® as an exercise apparatus. Simply take your driver or hybrid, position yourself in the PRO-HEAD® Trainer, and take your normal swing. Take 15 to 25 swings, rest for a few minutes and repeat the exercise. Do this as often as you wish and as many days a week as you have the time. Your new swing will become an unconscious effort. You will have memorized the correct movements.

6. What is the overall size and weight of PRO-HEAD®?

PRO-HEAD® is approximately 76 inches high by 32 inches wide by 38 inches deep. It weighs 24 pounds.

7. How much space is required to use PRO-HEAD®?

From front to back, when positioned in the PRO-HEAD® Trainer a space of about 10 feet is required to allow for a full swing. A ceiling height also of 10 feet is required. Because PRO-HEAD® is made of weather resistant materials, it can be set up and left in place outdoors. It can also be set up and used in a garage with a sufficiently high ceiling and floor space.

8. Can I use PRO-HEAD® at a driving range?

Some driving ranges may have a PRO-HEAD® Trainer available. If not, you can disassemble the PRO-HEAD®, transport it easily in your car and reassemble it at the range. You may want to ask permission of the range management to allow you to use the PRO-HEAD® Trainer on their property. If they allow it, be prepared to answer many questions as you will attract other curious golfers.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the PRO-HEAD® Trainer?

Forever Better Golf, Inc. is dedicated to helping golfers improve their swing and lower their scores. If, after trying PRO-HEAD® for 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price. See Risk Free Guarantee page.