How It Works



The best explanation for  HOW the PRO-HEAD Trainer WORKS can be found in the book, Jack Nicklaus, Golf’s Greatest Champion by Mark Shaw.

Shaw relates the story about how teaching professional Jack Grout, taught young Nicklaus, age 11 to stop his “head bobbing.” Grout believed that since the head was ‘the balance center” for the swing, it had to be steady from address to follow through.

“When young Jack addressed the ball, Grout instructed his assistant to grab a lock of Jack’s blonde hair and hold on while Nicklaus made swing after swing.”

The PRO-HEAD Trainer in Use

The PRO-HEAD Trainer is a mechanical arm that performs the same function as holding on to the golfer’s hair. The specially designed rubber connector allows for any slight head movement, but not for head bobbing or for any change to the spine angle. You can easily observe these aspects of the golf swing by watching some interesting videos.

Ask yourself if you can hit something at which you are not looking or cannot see? Try hitting the head of a nail with a powerful swing of a hammer without looking at the nail. You may make a solid hit ten percent of the time. But more often than not, you will make a glancing blow. Similarly when taking a full swing with your driver or fairway metal. You must see the ball at impact.

Just as with young Jack, the golfer must develop the muscle memory that will eliminate the “head bob” or faulty head movement in any direction, so that s/he will see the ball at impact. All golfers at all skill levels, must consistently repeat those elements that make for a good swing with a steady head. The PRO-HEAD Trainer helps to do just that.

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