Where Can It Be Used

Where can the PRO-HEAD Trainers be used?

The PRO-HEAD Trainer can be used indoors or outdoors, wherever there is sufficient overhead height and space to allow for the golfer to complete a full swing with a driver. Depending on the height of the golfer, the floor to ceiling requirement could be 11 feet. If there is not sufficient height, the golfer can still use the PHT by exercising, training and swinging without a club.   Exercising, training and swinging without a club can be done with a standard 8 feet high ceiling. The PHT also allows the golfer to hit real golf balls, use the plastic wiffle or BirdieBallsballs or our Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover.

For indoor use with real golf balls, a nylon golf net is also required. Such nets can be seen at many Golf Specialty stores which allow customers to try golf clubs before buying. A golf driving mat can also be used to further simulate a real golf course. And you can hit all iron shots off such a mat without harming the floor. You can review and buy nets and mats through Forever Better Golf Inc. See our Shopping Pages.

For outdoor use, a nylon net may also be required unless the golfer has a 300 yard backyard.  Plastic balls, BirdieBalls or our Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover may also be used.

The PH2T can quickly be disassembled into two pieces by pressing the button in the vertical pole and separating the pole.  You can now take the PH2T  to your driving range.  You may need to ask permission from the Range Manager to use your PH2T.  Or the Range may have a PH2T available for use.

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