Why It Works

Why the PRO-HEAD Trainer works

There are many aspects to a golf swing, from the stance, address, grip, and take away, backswing, transition to downswing, strike, follow through and perhaps more, depending on the analysis. And there are as many theories and view points on the perfect golf swing as there are golf professionals and golfers themselves.

There are two aspects however, that are irrefutable:

1. Maintaining the spine angle throughout the swing

2. Keeping the head behind the ball at impact.


The PRO-HEAD Trainer immediately gives the golfer the bodily and muscle feelings necessary to properly execute these two aspects of the swing. The robot like arm, with its Foam attachment and fixed reference point, performs in a way similar to the way Jack Nicklaus learned his swing with the help of Professional Instructor Jack Grout.

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Unfortunately, the average golfer so much wants to see where the golf ball is going, that her/his head moves, comes up and is well in front of the ball before impact. The average golfer DOES NOT SEE the ball at impact. Low handicap and professional golfers DO see the ball and/or the path of the club head at impact. Her/his head is behind the ball well after impact. Watch the pros swing in our videos section.

By swinging and exercising with the PRO-HEAD Trainer, the golfer will develop and accelerate the muscle memory required to consistently execute these two most important aspects of every good swing. The golfer’s swing will be more consistent and s/he will keep the ball in play.

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